Construction Phases

All modern methods were followed in every stage of construction without any compromises regarding quality and safety.

The radie system was applied resulting in full safety of the residences against earthquakes and landslides.


The best and most expensive additives were used on the already enhanced concrete (BASF, 3M).


Thermo-block bricks, which provide full thermal insulation and sound proofing, were chosen for the external brickwork.

Outdoor drainage work

Drainage ditches were constructed, surrounding the plot from all sides and leading rainwater into special large collectors, from where it naturally flows, with the help of pumps, 2 meters under the sea.


The most reliable and safe materials were used, such as stainless steel chimneys with double walls, regardless of cost.


We used ready intermix TITAN plasters with a high cement content followed by insulation with the safest materials.


Waterproof cesspool, independent for each building, with double waterproof stainless steel visit door, a duct leading to the sewage suction pipe from the external enclosure, and indicator lights of partial and full filling.

Special Construction

Special shafts and piping were built and provided for, to allow for the installation of new electricity or water supply lines from the external area to the central panel at any time, without pulling down anything.

Electricity and water

Electricity and water supply connection shafts.


Special care and diligence were exercised for full and excellent waterproofing and thermal insulation even in the external walls bordering the gardens.

Roof Insulation
Lower Floor Insulation
Balcony Insulation